The mediator provides a safe environment for the parties to develop productive communications and shared understandings. Mediation has proven to be an effective and economical method for resolving even the most difficult conflicts.

WELCOME! If you are involved in a difficult dispute with an individual, business or organization, mediation might be the right solution. Mediation has gained wide acceptance as an effective and affordable way to manage conflicts and resolve even the most difficult issues.

Recognizing its value, the Colorado legislature has made mediation an integral part of the judicial system. My position as a contract mediator for the Colorado Judicial Branchʼs Office of Dispute Resolution has allowed me to provide guidance to thousands of individuals with a wide range of difficult issues.

Through my extensive training and years of experience, I can provide you with the best possible opportunity to negotiate a wise and lasting solution to the difficult issues that you face, thus avoiding the high financial and emotional costs of an ongoing conflict.

My clients have often found that they have not only saved money, but also gained greater control over the process and the security of a known outcome. Even when a case doesn't settle, the time and money spent on mediation is a wise investment. The mediation process helps prepare individuals to better obtain a just result at trial by providing them with a deeper understanding of the many sides of the issues in dispute. Please call to discuss how mediation might be used in your situation.

hugh young mediator

Assisting individuals and organizations in the efficient resolution of civil disputes since 2003.